Friday 15th November…….

The Oxford will have live music all weekend as always….

Pick up your maps and a pint and listen to the fantastics sounds laid on all weekend from mid-day to midnight!

Saturday 16th November…..

The Shakespeare will have a fabulous co-lab of artist created by The Kane Gallery as well as live music though out the night!

Watch this space for more updates in October..

At Totterdown Arts trail, the FFFC propose to perform a Fannytastic 4 hour walkabout per day, we are adaptable and so can offer a performance suitable for children and a more playful risqué performance for the adults. 

Our initial performance will consist of playful choreographed Fan dancing outside the Shakespeare and the Oxford pubs.

Then we will walkabout the trail, entering some of the front rooms to interact with the arty folk. 

Later we will no doubt need a refreshment in the pubs where we will not be able to resist  unleash ourselves onto the hot crowd to cool them down with our fans and heat them up with our charm and charisma.


Floriography will be growing the creative flow of energy all weekend.

Open all weekend so pop in and re-charge your soul.