Participating Totterdown Art Trail

Participating in the Art Trail



There is no prior assessment of your work by our team. As long as you have a venue and have paid the membership fee, you can participate in the arts trail.

The registration fee entitles you to one listing, i.e one named artist. If there are multiple artists exhibiting at one address, they must each register separately. i.e. A group application only allows for one entry for the whole group in the map and one page for the group on the website, irrespective of the number of exhibiting members in the group. Anyone who wants a profile must register under their own name, not as a collective or studio.

All artists must ensure they have an agreed venue before registering on the website.

Registration will close at the beginning of November, the exact date will be publicised a few months before.

If you change your blurb or images please make us aware as we may have all ready copied and pasted it to our map.

Registration & Login

What you get/what the registration fee helps to fund

You will get excellent social media coverage and you will feature on our website, in the map and on the app.
Each artist also has a webpage with 3 images, an artist’s statement, description of work, location information and website/social media links.
Street entertainment, live music all weekend, workshops, street food
Activities for kids.
Website and maintenance.
Treasurer managing registration payments and venues.
Map designed and 5000 printed.
Flyers and posters distributed around local venues over BS3 and BS4.
Professionally built app for Apple and Android giving visitors your details at their fingertips, all year.
Flags designed, made and distributed (so that folk know where to find you).
Press liaison to increase footfall and sales for creative souls.
Liability insurance to keep us all safe.


The Trail is put together by a group of volunteers and we could always use an extra pair (or 10!) of creative hands. Please do get in touch if you have any spare time, materials or exceptional ideas to offer.

We also have a limited number of outdoors spaces available for large-scale works or installations. If your dreams exceed the confines of your living room, drop us a line and we’ll do our best to find you a prominent place for your installation.

Talk about the Trail! We really want to encourage all artists to talk about the Trail on their social media accounts. Every tweet, post and picture helps to bring more people to the Trail and into your living room. Don’t forget to link to other Artists and to us – @totterdownarttrail on Instagram and @frontroomart on Twitter.

To request more information go to our Contact Page


Map/where to go

The FrontRoom Ambassador

Your brief is to get out there and share the Trail with others at busy spots, visit events, documenting the Trail on social media and encouraging others to share their experiences.

We’re asking FrontRoom ambassadors to get involved for two reasons: firstly, it should be fun and will hopefully enhance your experience of the Trail, and secondly, we need a groundswell of visitor and community support to sustain the Trail – by encouraging more people to come along by sharing the Trail on social media you will be playing a key role in ensuring the future of FrontRoom, and all of Bristol’s free Arts Trails.

Please let us know if you’re interested. Be part of It!

To request more information go to our Contact Page


Front Room Ambassadors – calling all bloggers, photographers and social media whizz kids! We would love your help in spreading the word about the Front Room Arts Trail – by getting involved you will be supporting one of the largest free community events in Bristol and ensuring that we can keep spreading the Art for many more years. Check out the FrontRoom Ambassador section for more info. (link)

We are always looking for talented and dedicated volunteers to support our core team in delivering an exceptional community arts event. If you have a penchant for one of the following skills and a little time to spare, we’d love to hear from you.

Graphic design

We’re always looking for great designers to help design our map and contribute graphics to the website. If you’ve got the skills, we promise to always give you a killer theme to work with!

Social media

Are you an ingenious Instagram user, fiendishly feisty with Facebook or tremendous at Twitter? Help us to improve footfall and media coverage by taking to the cyberwaves.


We love to document the Trail each year but it can be a struggle to visit every artist, performance or event. If you can help us to keep documenting the Trail we’d love to see everything through your lens.

Along with that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from volunteering, we promise to shout from the rooftops about you and your talents and to credit all your work. The shouting works, we have high rooftops up here in Totterdown!

To request more information go to our Contact Page

Artwork by Jane Vellender
Artwork by Jane Vellender