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Exhibiting at: Holy Nativity Church, BS3 4QH
All my designs are created by me with a fine liner pen, I also dabble in print, including etching, screen print and lythography.
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23 - 25 November 11 am - 6 pm daily. 22nd Preview: 6 - 9 pm Sculpture, painting and installation with Nautical references by Filthy Luker, Rowdy + Special Guests.
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Exhibiting at: Hillcrest Primary School, BS3 4LY
Anna Golec aka Sonnes Art is Bristol based artists. She is known for her Geometric Animals Prints Collection. Anna loves to create art in unique and vibrant colours. Always inspire by the Nature.
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Exhibiting at: 9 Oxford Street, BS3 4QR
I am an illustrator living and working in Bristol, I have always been drawing and have taken my illustration down a colourful route, creating prints and cards to sell!
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Exhibiting at: The Oxford Pub, BS35DH
Individual handcrafted bowls, pots & domestic items using recycled and reclaimed hardwoods destined for the bin. Constructed with care in my garage/workshop using a variety of lathes and handtools each item is a unique one-off.
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Exhibiting at: 105 Oxford Street, BS34RL
you will have written on sea shells, seen silent poems, watercolours, installations in garden pond and stairwell, pages from travel sketchbooks,installation made of maps and Persian rugs,paintings for Will Brown, the green man and the Opium poppies, " Mrs.Hathaway's Fig Leaf Reliquary ", the red ziggurat, and of course, the leaves on the floorboards. What this year? An installation and impromptu poetry readings
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Exhibiting at: 105 Oxford st, BS7 8HN
Landscape based work using texture to maximum effect.
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Exhibiting at: 105 Oxford Street, BS3 3DN
I make beautiful, atmospheric mono-prints of light, weather and the sea on fine tissue and Japanese paper. This year I'm making a print installation for the stairwell..
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Exhibiting at: 107 Oxford Street, Bs34lj
I enjoy the physicality of ceramics and this year I have used my experiences walking and gardening to gather leaves and use them to help me design pieces. All my pieces are experiments and I am constantly surprised at what comes out of the kiln.
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No Image for Drawsfights
Exhibiting at: 9 Oxford Street, BS3 4RQ
I like to draw and paint people and chaos. Most of my images depict riots, protests and battles. I have recently completed a piece showing the events that took place in Stokes Croft in 2011, when anti-Tesco protesters were evicted from the Telepathic heights squat on Cheltenham Road. I have also had my Queen Square riot featured on one of the new Bristol Pound notes.
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Exhibiting at: 9 Oxford street, BS31LP
Stoneware ceramic models and miniature ceramic frames and mirrors. My work is all hand build and carved, models are carved in clay then I make a slip mould so work can be cast, each cast is worked into to make each piece different. I also make miniature ceramic frames, these are made with traditional designs such as reed and flute moulding.
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Exhibiting at: 9 Oxford Street, BS7 9UL
Naomi Joy is a wildlife and pet portrait Artist specialising in detailed painting of a variety of animals with a modern twist. She is passionate about animals and is a vegan and believes in compassion for all animals. She endeavours to show the beauty of all animals through her art.
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Exhibiting at: 9 Oxford Street, GL12 7LG
Molly Lemon is a printmaker specialising in wood engraving. Her work is driven by a fascination with rural British landscapes, nature and the wildlife that lives among it. Growing up on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, this need to recreate nature in her artwork has always been present. Molly has created a large variety of miniature wood engravings and greetings cards.
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No Image for Fletcher
Exhibiting at: 51, BS34RX
Brave Move is a fitness studio that aims to break the mold of the traditional gym format. With our teachers having varied backgrounds in theatre, dance & fine art; we all share a passion for seeing exercise through a creative lens. We will be collaborating to bring you an event of creative movement, exercise philosophy & inspirational talks. See our board outside for times!
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Exhibiting at: 3 St Lukes Crescent, BS34RZ
Dan Hollington - ceramic mosaics Liz Johnson - drawings, prints, photocopies. Sue Beale - hand printed tea towels and cards. Helen Jones - handmade layered screen prints.
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No Image for Begen
Exhibiting at: 58, Cambridge Street, BS16 5AN
Close. A posthumous exploration of intimate everyday objects. Made in England, Sheffield Steel, A Retrospective of Quality Assured. I am a Mixed Media Artist creating collections of drawing and paintings I work from old, sometimes much loved but often discarded objects in an attempt to capture some thing left, traces of memory and feelings, the essence of the object and the life connected to it, the patina of age.
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No Image for Poole
Exhibiting at: 76a Richmond Street, BS3 4TJ
Ria is an expressive painter working en plein air along the West Penwith coast and in her studio in Bristol. A member of St Ives Society of Artists, she regularly exhibits in St Ives and across the South West. Her landscape and abstract paintings have been shortlisted for various art prizes including Artists & Illustrators Artists of the Year 2018 Award at Mall Galleries, London, and Cardiff MADE Art Prize 2016.
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Exhibiting at: 72 Richmond Street, BS34TJ
I am a curtain, roman blind and cushion maker, working in Totterdown for 26 years. I make cushions, bags and photo cards to sell. Also washable re-usable muslin veggie bags for taking to the supermarket, instead of nasty one use plastic. Yummy Scottish tablet too. I will be sewing in my workroom and available for a cheery chat all weekend. Hope to see you soon!
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No Image for Attaway
Exhibiting at: 76a Richmond Street, BS7 8DL
Unique creations combining poetry, screen printing and letterpress. A range of original prints, giclee prints and cards will be available.
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Exhibiting at: 76a Richmond Street, BS3 3TT
Unsui means drifting cloud and floating water, which originates from Zen poetry. Unsui makes small things that act as a reminder we can be as free as clouds and water. Unsui creates bags using vintage Japanese kimono fabric and other practical things using a variety of fabric and paper including upcycled fabric. Unique personal gifts created with mindfulness.
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Exhibiting at: 43 Richmond Street, BS34LD
I will be the curator of an affordable exhibition of framed artwork by Modern abstract artists, early - mid 20th Century.
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Exhibiting at: 43 Richmond Street, BS3 4TL
Hand made glass. I love colour and pattern and my glass reflects these loves. I use both opaque and transparent glass to manipulate the light and make vibrant colours sing. You will find both gallery/exhibition hand blown pieces and reasonably priced handmade gift ideas for Christmas.
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Exhibiting at: 83 Richmond St, BS34TL
The Wild Duck Cafe is a quirky pop-up tea room serving delicious home-made cakes, soups, hot & cold drinks and other delights. Come and relax, warm yourselves by the fire and toast marshmallows.
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Exhibiting at: 43 Richmond Street, BS56BZ
Teresa Searle is a textile designer, author and lecturer. Her current work is a collection of garments, accessories and hand made greetings cards. The visual and haptic experience of travel and cycling on Bristol’s roads fascinate her. These surfaces are recorded and translated via monoprint, digital printed fabrics, layered and velvet devore, fabric manipulation, and embroidery.
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No Image for Heath
Exhibiting at: 79 Richmond Street, DT95BN
Bespoke and "Off the self" Greeting cards for bottles! Photography and pen and ink drawings.
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No Image for Salaman
Exhibiting at: 43 Richmond St, BS31NQ
I am showing slip cast ceramics in porcelain and earthenware with hand screen printed decals applied to the surfaces and fired on. I’m interested in creating pieces that combine imagery from both domestic and industrial spheres
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No Image for Howarth
Exhibiting at: 12 Hill Street, BS3 4TP
Working in a variety of styles, I especially love neotraditional, and anything inspired by nature, flora and fauna. Come and talk to me about your tattoo ideas, and have a go yourself at tattooing some fake skin! Original art prints and flash designs also available.
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No Image for Fowler
Exhibiting at: 12 Hill Street, BS3 4TP
Live Coffee Roasting! Ever since walking into a coffee roasters in New York, I have been fascinated by the varied and complex world of coffee roasting. I bought a beautiful Huky 500 home roaster and set up a mini-roastery at home and am now on a journey exploring the wonders of coffee from around the world. Come and watch the Huky in action and enjoy some freshly roasted coffee!
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Exhibiting at: 28 Hill Street, GL15 6DU
Becky G Johnson My drawings often include objects that look fragile, or helpless, communicating an emotion or human state. In my mind the objects and structures I draw are curious - their original purpose is unknown. James Watkins A designer dabbling in traditional mark making techniques and fusing that with design principals to create practical pieces that are both functional and aesthetically striking.
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No Image for Whittington
Exhibiting at: 61 Hill Street, BS3 4TR
A symbiosis of laser cutting, mechanical design and electrical engineering. I use the skill and knowledge from my professional work as an engineer to create interesting solutions to basic electronic items. All my items are handmade in my basement workshop.
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Exhibiting at: 61 Hill street, Bs3 4tr
Hania is an illustrator, fine artist and graphic designer.
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Exhibiting at: 61 Hill Street, BS4 1NQ
Bristol based Welsh illustrator working with watercolour, inks & gouache. Growing up in the mountains of Snowdonia gave me a deep appreciation of nature. My work encompasses meeting places between animals & humans, mountains & sea, sky & earth, chaos & order. Inspiration comes from liminal places, the in-betweens that feel uncomfortable, but are often full of mystery & beauty.
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No Image for Filipek
Exhibiting at: 61 Hill street, BS3 4TR
I deal with painting, objects, collages, assemblages, ceramic, crafts and jewellery. Living close to the nature gave me strong ideological base to thinking of art in ecological way. I really enjoy reusing, upcycling, making hybrids from wasted parts, discovering new meanings of things, and giving new life to unuseless materials.
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Exhibiting at: 37 Hill Street, BS3 4RZ
Inspired by Bristol's street art and music scenes mixed-media artist Lou has a range of prints, Bristolian Xmas cards and tote bags on offer. She will also be taking order for personalised prints in the lead-up to Xmas. Lou painted a Gromit sculpture (Paw Patrol's Marshall) for this year's Gromit Unleashed 2 trail. She also designed and painted a Shaun the Sheep and a Henson pig for two local sculpture trails
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No Image for Russell
Exhibiting at: 31 Hill St, BS3 4TW
Europe, We Love You; It's not you, it's us. A celebration at the change of our relationship with the rest of Europe. Whatever happens now, it'll never be the same. Another crowd sourced curated exhibition of photos, send us your favourite self taken photo of anywhere in Europe and come and see it in the exhibition. Also Europe inspired work from Cheryl Brooks and prints from Kate Fraser.
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Exhibiting at: 37 Hill Street, BS33AX
A photographer by trade, I use different techniques to create wall art and cards. I draw inspiration from graffiti, old film, geometry, nature and architecture.
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No Image for Beech
Exhibiting at: 37, Hill Street, BS5 9DJ
My work in relief based; I make the most of lino and woodcuts to create striking, textural black and white images with a pop of colour. I also make smaller more personal images using colour to create tone. I have recently exhibited at the Greenbank in Easton; as part of Cato Press group exhibition.
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No Image for Adäm
Exhibiting at: 68 William Street, BS3 4TX
Adam is a well-seasoned traveller, having visited all seven continents on Earth. He uses the landscapes he’s seen to create abstract works in Acrylic. With dots and dashes, his paintings capture the colours and patterns found in Nature. If you like the style, but would like a different colour or size please feel free to ask about no-obligation commissions
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No Image for Seamark
Exhibiting at: 68 William Street, BS3 4TX
ArtPark offers affordable, framed, original paintings for under £100 We have collected our favorite paintings, including local artists, from all over the world. Watercolour, oils, pastels, acrylic, inks, large, small, traditional or contemporary, whatever your taste you should be able to find something to enjoy.
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No Image for Hall
Exhibiting at: 14 Pylle Hill Crescent, BS3 4TZ
Totterdown Apothecary & The Wool Quarter are the twin creative outlets of Kim, a Totterdown maker and craftsperson. Totterdown Apothecary is a small range of handmade, natural skincare crafted from ethically sourced ingredients. The Wool Quarter encompasses knitted accessories and homewares, knitting kits and naturally dyed textiles.
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No Image for James
Exhibiting at: 55 Windsor Terrace , BS34UG
Studying stained glass at Orchard Studios in Bristol I was taught how to make my own glassware using the Tiffany copper foiling method. Everything is designed and made by me including hand cutting the glass, copper foiling and then soldering, each piece I make is completely unique. With a love for all things geometric you will find a range of decorative homewares that will incorporate these shapes.
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No Image for Coombs
Exhibiting at: 57 Windsor Terrace, BS3 4UG
Welcome to Tribe Aisthetica HQ! Featuring a host of incredible local artists and their work. Also, Tribe Kitchen, stuffed full of edible goodies, mulled wine and foodie gifts.
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No Image for Man
Exhibiting at: 35 Windsor Terrace, BS3 4UG
The Blue Corner House Cafe is a vegan pop up cafe serving hot food, cakes, drinks (incl mulled wine) & other tasty treats that will tantalise your tastebuds (incl gluten free options). Eat in, next to a roaring wood burning stove, or take away.
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No Image for Morton
Exhibiting at: 57 Windsor Terrace, BS5 9BN
One of a kind, sculptural ceramics, handcrafted in Bristol. Sleepy head vases, planters and wall pieces each made by hand, each unique and full of character.
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No Image for Travers
Exhibiting at: 57 Windsor Terrace, BS2 8UQ
Symmetry. Kaleidoscopes. Pattern. Found items. Mixed media. One mans trash is another mans treasure. I am a UK based multimedia artist combining found items and trash with a love of pattern and symmetry.
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No Image for Boyle
Exhibiting at: 57 Windsor Terrace, BS8 2AS
Photographer | Visual Explorer | Digital Artist Photography, for me, has always been a gateway to other worlds, either real or imagined. I’m fascinated by themes of identity, transformation and place, which I explore in both my travel and surreal work.
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No Image for Woodward
Exhibiting at: 57 Windsor Terrace, BS44JF
Jessie is an abstract artist experimenting with the use of fluorescent paints, glitter and drawing materials to explore and enjoy the vibrancy of colour and texture within contemporary painting. Jessie is Intrigued with how we respond to painting and aims to delve deeper into how pure abstract painting can generate visual energetic joy and pleasure.
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No Image for White
Exhibiting at: 55 Windsor Terrace, BS43DD
I'm a contemporary cake designer, specialising in beautiful and unique celebration cakes. I love taking inspiration from nature, but am equally inspired by modern art and fashion. I also make cupcakes, biscuits and macarons. You'll be able to purchase these, view my celebration cakes, and place orders for any special occasions you have coming up at this year's Art Trail.
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No Image for Pryde
Exhibiting at: 55 Windsor Terrace, BS6 5BL
I am an hand embroidery artist. My hoops are motivational/pop culture/ song/ film quotes, feminist statements, portraits, and much more! I also have tote bags and a card range.
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No Image for barber
Exhibiting at: 30 Stevens Crescent, BS3 4UH
Photographic 'Collections of Collections' images displayed in square grids on boards and as greetings cards.
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No Image for Wickham
Exhibiting at: 22 Hawthorne Street, BS3
Melanie Wickham is a printmaker based in South Bristol. She studied Illustration at UWE and now makes Lino Prints of birds, beetles, foxes, otters, slugs, Bristol, plants and people. Limited Edition hand burnished prints, greetings cards, tea towels and other printed goodies.
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No Image for Bartlett
Exhibiting at: Holy Nativity Church , BS42HX
My main interest is in printmaking,including intaglio etching, lino and vinyl relief printing and wood engraving, to depict landscapes trees, plants and animals , completing relief printing and etching courses at Spike Island Print Studio , becoming a member in order to have time to explore more methods and effects. More recently I have been exploring more experimental methods using less toxic chemicals.
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No Image for Glassby
Exhibiting at: Holy Nativity Church, BS4 2NQ
South Bristol based acrylic artist, showing retro style landscapes. and acrylic pours. Originals, limited edition giclee prints, calendars and cards available.
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No Image for Presents ....
Exhibiting at: 154 Wells Road, BS4 2AG
Floriography by Vera & the Totterdown Centre Heart Spaces (Bristol Womens Workshop and Totterdown Healing Spaces) will be curating 'The Wave of Life' experience... Telling and making stories of the heart with flowers, wood, natural things,of all kinds,,art, meets science, and beautiful people.
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No Image for Dunnett
Exhibiting at: Knowle Constitutional Club, NP19 8FP
An eclectic range of handmade gifts and items for home and garden. Mixing Ceramics with Stained Glass and other mixed materials Handmade Reusable Ceramic Drinking Straws Also paper mâché, old wooden pallets, vintage music sheets, old maps, fabrics and other 'found' materials. Cards, hand made wrapping paper and more.....
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No Image for Baker
Exhibiting at: Holy Nativity Church, BS4 2HB
I belong to various local art groups and paint mainly in Pastels and Acrylics.
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No Image for Heaton
Exhibiting at: Holy Nativity Church, BS4 2HX
A member of Redcatch Art Club I love to shock them with my outrageous approach of slapping the paint on super quick and watching what emerges. At the moment I am loving painting dogs and cats but also creating images of people on stones - such fun! I will be painting stones and selling them too. Commissions for pet portraits very welcome
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No Image for Wharton
Exhibiting at: Frankie loves Ava, BS92NP
We are a family of Welsh freelance artists who have enjoyed painting animals, nature and cultural artwork for generations through acrylic and watercolour. My daughter and I will be selling a range of unique greeting cards, each hand painted by watercolour - great for a Christmas gift. Frankie loves Ava will also be selling at gifts, interiors, vintage upcycled furniture and of course mulled cider!
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No Image for Holden
Exhibiting at: Knowle Constitutional Club, BS4 3DG
Relocated to Bristol from Lancashire, my fascination with landscape and the natural world has led me to work in a range of media, from my original specialism in printmaking to acrylic and mixed media. I have always worked from sketches and photography and my travels have provided contrasting landscapes in addition to more local inspiration. Recent work includes exploration of papermaking and printmaking techniques.
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No Image for Constitutional Club
Exhibiting at: 162 Wells Road, BS4 2AG
Knowle Constitutional Club Members showcase their artistic skills including upcycled tables and mixed media. We are also hosting several others for the arts trail!
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No Image for Fenwick
Exhibiting at: Greenwoods Property Centre, BS6 5EU
I'm an artist inspired by the places we call home. My work ranges from beautiful watercolours, to mixed media paintings in acrylic, collage and household paints. Originally from Lancashire I now live in Bristol. Inspired by Bristol’s beautiful homes, I explore the exterior of these humble buildings. I offer house portraits as unique keepsake gifts. Perfect for housewarmings, wedding presents or celebrating your home.
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No Image for evans
Exhibiting at: Knowle Constitutional Club, bs3 5dq
MargaretMaySoaps returns to the Constitutional Club, with the tried and tested range of artisan Soaps and new products, which will make perfect pamper gifts.
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No Image for Appleton
Exhibiting at: Holy Nativity Church, BS3 2BD
Illustrator/designer of greetings cards, children's t-shirts and decorative prints for the home. My illustrations are all originally hand-drawn then hand screen printed or digitally reproduced onto fabric or paper. Inspiration for my work comes from my fondness for 1950's and 1960's children's book illustration, poster and packaging design.
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No Image for Wakefield
Exhibiting at: Holy Nativity Church, BS3 4SJ
I am a crafter and designer. I design and make paper toys, taking the flat 2D illustrations to a 3d space. I love working with paper as it is so versatile and you get instantaneous results allowing for quick testing of ideas. This year following a close family members illness I am also hand knitting hats to raise money for AMMF the UKs only bile duct cancer charity
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No Image for pennock
Exhibiting at: Holy Nativity Church, BS4 2BG
I have been crafting for over 20 years but new to participating on the arts trail. I have tried most crafts but my main craft is card making. I love using my die-cutting machine and blinging up the cards with metallic papers and glitter. Everyone needs some sparkle in their lives.
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No Image for Hamilton
Exhibiting at: Frankie Loves Ava, BS20 0EQ
Travelling has given me opportunities to view colours, explore patterns & experience textures in their natural form. Head Pieces which capture drama, hold a little mystic and are tinged with a whimsical edge are my passion. Each creation is designed as a three dimensional sculpture. As an Artistic Milliner, I have created a fantastic, versatile, brand new hat, called an O Hat.
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No Image for Colfer
Exhibiting at: knowle Constitutional Club, bs42xj
The main focus for the subject of my artwork has been urban landscapes, merging environment and culture of Bristol.
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No Image for Hart
Exhibiting at: Knowle Constitutional club, BS4 4SU
My work is inspired by the lack of black female representation within art. This encouraged me to create art that exudes the iconic beauty and strength of the women I identify strongly with. Using acrylic on canvas paper my intention is to recreate both the elegance and the boldness of the underrepresented.
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No Image for Routledge
Exhibiting at: 138 Wells Road, BS42DZ
The Missing Numbers is The Road Project's second exhibition focussing on the 'gaps' in the Totterdown landscape left by the clearances of the 1970s. Light projection trail by Andy McKeown. The Road Project is a partnership between the Totterdown Centre Heart Spaces, Calling the Shots and the University of Bristol's Brigstow Project .
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No Image for Lee-Merrion
Exhibiting at: Eat Your Greens, BS4 2AG
Harriet Lee-Merrion is an award-winning illustrator. Her work is rendered in a wash of pastel colours and delicate black lines influenced by botanical engravings, surrealism, and Japanese woodblock prints, often depicting dream like imagery. Her illustrations have been published worldwide and exhibited internationally. Find her work and enjoy a bite at Eat Your Greens, one of Bristol's best vegan eateries.
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No Image for Lyons
Exhibiting at: Fox & West , BS42PP
I draw upon colour, bold lines and small details whilst attempting to create a quiet space with my imagery. I am currently studying photography at University of the West England.
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No Image for Flay
Exhibiting at: Fox & West, BS15 4XB
FOX & WEST Present: The Trail Takeover. Featuring: laser cut jewellery and art by YAY RAE FLAY; hand embellished fashion and accessories by DAKOTA RAE DUST; nature inspired art and gifts by SKY SIOUKI. The shop and café will also be open as usual all weekend, showcasing the most fresh and delicious local produce that South Bristol has to offer.
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No Image for George
Exhibiting at: Totterdown Baptist Church, BS39 6JZ
My work is inspired by the quality of light and energy in the natural environment. My style is broadly abstract and is predominantly in acrylic, depicting landscapes and seascapes with lots of sky. As well as original paintings, prints and cards of my work will be available.
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No Image for Perrett
Exhibiting at: Totterdown Baptist Church, BS5 6SW
I am a cartoonist, creating illustrations for greeting cards, t-shirts, websites, murals, books, magazines, and newspapers. I will be selling a selection of my cards at Totterdown Baptist Church, so don't be afraid to come up to my table to say hello!
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No Image for Bowman
Exhibiting at: Totterdown Baptist Church, BS4 2EG
Inspired by my spiritual connection with nature, I see beyond the physical and capture the energy of trees and woodland.. My work represents emotions and events from the path I follow and sometimes things yet to happen.
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No Image for Cozens
Exhibiting at: totterdown Baptist church, BS4 4QX
Quirky children's clothes, quilts, play mats. Unusual prints. Personalised CAPES! Fabric play cakes. I am also a painter and some of my prints will be available (see
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No Image for Clark
Exhibiting at: Totterdown Baptist Church, BS30 8GL
I am inspired by the natural world and photography has allowed me to explore my love for and to connect with nature and the natural world. I am lucky living in Bristol that there are so many areas of natural beauty on my doorstep. I will be showing my landscape & nature photographs in various formats including prints, greeting cards, fridge magnets, keyrings, coasters & canvases.
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No Image for Cavender
Exhibiting at: Totterdown Baptist Church, BS7 9SA
Eco gifts celebrating the beauty of nature! Bold, striking designs by Bev Cavender, available as cards, art prints & gifts. Produced using eco/ethical manufacture in the UK (mostly Bristol!)
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No Image for Richards
Exhibiting at: Totterdown Baptist Church, BS3 5AF
Vintage inspired travel prints, Cycling prints and 3D art that celebrate Bristol. Postcards and Greetings Cards. Animal prints. Printed Bristol Baby Onesies.
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No Image for Briere
Exhibiting at: Totterdown Baptist Church, BS5 9DY
Handmade jewellery and accessory from re-used materials such as drink cans, inner-tubes, papers, lids, fabrics, silver cutleries...
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No Image for Rotheram
Exhibiting at: Totterdown Baptist Church, BS4 2JL
Lee is a digital artist and architect, combining photography and illustration to create images of familiar Bristol buildings and landmarks. His work is inspired by the urban environment and reflects the cultural impact architecture has on all of our lives everyday.
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No Image for Cheng
Exhibiting at: Totterdown Baptist Church, BA2 5BH
Shuya divides her time exploring patterns, shapes, and structures found in the world around us through freehand machine embroidery and creating abstract paintings, primarily in acrylic but utilising a wide range of techniques and multi-media. Intricate embroidery elegantly suspended in shadowboxes, abstract giclee prints and greeting cards are available for sale at the Art Trail.
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No Image for Hart
Exhibiting at: Totterdown Baptist Church, BS42JQ
I use photography to create abstract designs for stationery products such as greetings cards.
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No Image for Esmarch
Exhibiting at: Totterdown Baptist Church, BS4 2JW
I have discovered a passion for painting animals, and just love the happiness that animals can bring into your life. I work mainly in soft pastels and pastel pencils from photos. I own 3 cats who I paint lots and can often be found taking pictures of strangers dogs when out walking! I work mainly for commission in 2 styles - photo realistic and pastel sketched.
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No Image for Nicolaou
Exhibiting at: 1 Dunmore Street , Bs3 4ph
A fashion graduate, first time mum, juggling painting around changing nappies and playing. Inspired by patterns, nature and growing up in the countryside. Each animal or plant is drawn using layers of patterns in black ink, some are left monochrome but mostly are layered on top of watercolour.
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No Image for Curley
Exhibiting at: Banco Lounge, BS4 2JG
Sunshine for Breakfast is on a mission to brighten anyone's day. Jodie combines her love of colour and nature to create beautiful and delicate illustrations. Designs often feature hand lettered words to inspire, motivate, or simply to bring a smile. Products include greetings cards, luxury gold foil cards, art prints and stationery. Enjoy the Sunshine!
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No Image for Vans
Exhibiting at: Totterdown Canteen, BS3 2QT
My work is abstract and develops from the plasticity, versatility and brilliance of acrylic paint. I use texture and pattern, and add contrast and depths to lead the eye across the canvas. Colour is paramount, with many different techniques contributing to my creative process. I work from my studio at Estate of the Arts in Ashton Vale. This year I will be showing at The Totterdown Canteen and also Bocabar.
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No Image for Lee
Exhibiting at: 16 Lilymead Avenue, BS165TN
I am a prolific creator and this year I challenged myself to paint or draw every single day. I paint a variety of subjects but what I love to focus on is the process of a painting. As a child i was fascinated by bold marks in paintings and how at a distance paintings can look so realistic, but then close up you see all of the marks, brush movements and layers in a painting, which show it's journey.
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No Image for Vellender
Exhibiting at: 52 Brecknock Road, BS42DD
I am known for my sketches of super local views and house portraits. I teach a range of art and craft courses from my studio. I also sell a wide range of fabric art, cards and prints, perfect for gifts. Sit down cafe with home made food, soups, sausage rolls and cakes.
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No Image for Sandom-Brown
Exhibiting at: 10 Crowndale Road, BS4 2DZ
My love affair with jewellery began over 30 years ago with my Saturday job in the Fashion Jewellery department at Liberty, Regent St London. Following a reasonably successful but dull career in marketing, I started making jewellery on turning 50. I am currently studying silversmithing part-time at BSA and make bold contemporary pieces in a variety of media; silver, copper, brass & polymer clay, often in combination.
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No Image for Harhat
Exhibiting at: Parts of 138-144 Wells Road, BS4 2AG
Totterdown Centre Heart Spaces are Bristol Womens Workshop, Floriography, and the Totterdown Centre Healing Spaces. Over Arts Trail weekend we will curate for you the \'Wave of Life\'... experience. Coming on the ride... don\'t be scared come and meet the lost treasures of the sea, hear stories retold... x
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No Image for Williams-leer
Exhibiting at: 14 Frederick Street, NP10 9LD
We will have a variety of textiles such as; Wheat bags Hairbands English lavender bags Cotton reuseable cleanser pads Cotton reuseable sanitary pads We also have an eclectic range of paintings and drawings, mostly portraiture or life studies. All my paintings aim to evoke thoughts and emotions through their detail and style, and thus reflect the subject drawn.
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Exhibiting at: 9 Summer Hill, BS4 3BE
I'm a great believer in trying to balance beauty and imagination with science. I love people and gadgets that are imaginative and interesting. As a child my favourite occupation was day dreaming not something I have time for now. I was born in rural Jamaica and after seeing a picture of Anna Pavlova I wanted to be a ballerina but became a teacher. Now I am a writer! Academic Histories, Myths and legends enthrall me.
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Exhibiting at: 52 park street, bs43bj
I am a painter from Cornwall. My artwork reflects a lifetime spent in and around the sea. I paint seascapes over old vintage maps and shipping charts, often referencing the locations on the maps. Recently i've taken to silkscreen printing these maps straight onto canvas then painting over the top. I work in a mixture of oils and acrylics on a multitude of surfaces. Paintings, prints and cards will be for sale.
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Exhibiting at: Charlton House, 28 School Road, BS4 3BZ
I specialize in screen printing, drawing and illustration. My recent clients include The Guardian,The Financial Times, Alias Hotels and the BBC. I'll be showing brightly coloured screen prints, drawings and cards, at affordable prices.
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Exhibiting at: 37 Arnos Street, BS4 3BS
I photograph forgotten spaces and abandoned places.
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Exhibiting at: 15 Vale Street, BS15 4NX
I create striking black & white illustrations that incorperate patterns, animals, objects and Bristol. I've been drawing professionally for several years now and have managed to work on both a small and large scale, ranging from tiny intricate drawings, to huge wall murals. During the trail, you'll be able to see the range of work I create, including work inspired by animals, stars, Bristol, patterns and objects.
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Exhibiting at: 26 Belmain Street, , BS10 7EL
Iva has been a printmaker and an illustrator for a number of years and has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad. Iva’s linocut prints of water are subjective interpretations of her emotional connection to seawater and waves. Iva will be having on sale linocut prints as well as cards and hand made- beewax food wraps.
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Exhibiting at: 31 Balmain Street, BS4 3DB
1pm-5.30pm Totterdown Press, Tangent Books and Shameena Dance Troupe (3pm Sat 24) welcome visitors to The Apple Chapel, home of The Totterdown Press and a shrine to all things apple - especially cider. Using apples pressed on the slopes of Totterdown, the Press has been producing cider for 7 years. Mulled cider, apple chutney and a selection of books (including The Naked Guide to Cider) from Tangent.
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Exhibiting at: 13 Hawthorne Street, BS4 3dd
Who needs flying ducks when you could have 70's flowers on your walls instead? Or you could create your own spiny, copse, or forest of laser cut trees if you would prefer? Screenprints inspired by geological maps, pebbles & overlapping colours will be on show alongside my panoramas of Bristol & 3D laser cut cards.
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Exhibiting at: 13 Hawthorne Street, BS162DB
I create bright, bold, funky original jewellery in polymer clay. I handcraft my own beads and each piece of my jewellery is unique. I also make a range of beautiful and unique gifts including crochet hooks and pens. I have been lucky to train with some of the best polymer clay artists from all over the world, and now run workshops in the Bristol area to help people get started on their own polymer clay adventure!
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Exhibiting at: 22 Hawthorne Street, BS4 3DD
Beautiful hand-thrown stoneware tableware in richly coloured glazes. My pots are fired to 1255 degrees centigrade so they are dishwasher, oven and microwave safe and tough enough for everyday use. Favourite mugs a speciality!
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Exhibiting at: 22 Hawthorne Street, BS4 2DX
I am a potter living and working in South Bristol. I make mugs bowls and plates from stoneware clay with a mousey theme.
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Exhibiting at: Hillcrest Primary School, BS159PE
Although I have painted in different styles in the past, I've now managed to combine my interest in Art, Music and Film to produce my artwork. Each painting is a 'one off' original and would compliment any stylish interior, whether it's a cafe, restaurant or bar, or your own living room wall.
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Exhibiting at: 13 hawthorne Street,., BS33NF
I make limited edition prints and illustrated products that are fresh, bold and will brighten up your day! I will also be selling my 2 new ranges of SPACE and FRUITYTOOTY jewellery this autumn - come and take a peek! web: insta: @rubypaperparade
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Exhibiting at: 13 Hawthorne Street, BS43RZ
My new jewellery range is inspired by a need to repurpose all the remnant leather from my purse making practice. All my products are handmade by myself at home in Bristol. Every piece created is cut and assembled by hand ensuring it’s uniqueness. I enjoy experimenting with colour and shapes, to form individual pieces of jewellery.
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Exhibiting at: Hillcrest School, BS20 0DB
Colourful acrylics of canvass of Bristol and balloons! Colourful mugs with Bristol and balloons!
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Exhibiting at: Hillcrest School, BS200DB
Brislington WI will be showcasing the things we get up to, selling things we make, & selling cakes!
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Exhibiting at: Hillcrest Primary School, BS9 2JT
A mix of original handcrafted screen prints, photographs and greetings cards.
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Exhibiting at: Hillcrest Primary School, BS4 3DG
Issy loves combining different colours and textiles in her "Sydenham Stitches" creations with fabric and haberdashery. These include aprons, bags, bunting, cushions, Christmas stockings and even brooches. This year Issy has added useful fabric baskets and some upcycling to her collection.
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Exhibiting at: Hillcrest Primary School, BS4 2DA
We design and produce creative craft boxes for children. Each themed Strange Snail box is packed with creative, fun and educational activities. The boxes make ideal presents for curious young minds. Visit our website to find out more:
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Exhibiting at: Hillcrest Primary School, BS78RP
I am a local Maker who loves to work with reclaimed textiles, fusing together colors and textures. I love to make practical things that keep people warm and make life cozy.
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Exhibiting at: Hillcrest Primary School, BS57AA
I am inspired by world travels, and by colours and textures, and integrate these into my creations, which include dreamcatchers, flower faeries, flower lanterns, leather pouches, hair clips and jewellery. Most of my creations are made using natural materials, some upcycled, and traditional craft techniques, and often include gemstones, hemp thread and/or silver. Bespoke orders welcomed. Please text me on 07904266402.
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Exhibiting at: Hillcrest School, BS3 4PJ
Viva Los Muertos is El Paso, Texas born artist Danielle Greenwood. I create handmade art and accessories influenced by the Mexican Culture that my childhood was immersed in. All art pieces and accessories are handmade with up-cycled frames, materials and imported trinkets/charms/fabrics from Texas and Mexico. You can find cushions, art, jewellery and activities for children at my stall.
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Exhibiting at: Hillcrest Primary School, BS165BE
Combining my love for prints and bad puns, I'm, still very much looking for the worst pun in existence that’s socially acceptable. My (pun-based) lino prints and (nature- and city-inspired) etchings range from sad whales to rude succulents, from posh pomegranates and Bristol landscape to silly dinosaurs.
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Exhibiting at: Hillcrest School , BS7 8PH
I run Book Island, a small, independent publishing house for picture books in translation. We also sell greetings cards and - soon - giclée prints of artwork from the books we publish.
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Exhibiting at: Hillcrest Primary School, BS408SP
I am a painter making abstract landscapes and portraits that predominantly explore colour. I am heavily influenced by fashion and how different colours and textures sit together.
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Exhibiting at: Bocabar the Paintworks, BS33ES
I started painting again in January 2016 after a break of over ten years. I am drawn to still life because it is a way of creating a miniature environment which is completely within my control. Lighting, colour and composition can be played with, patterns and contrasts can be explored. I particularly enjoy using thick brushwork to build solid forms.
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Exhibiting at: Totterdown Baptist Church (BS4 2AX), BS3 5NS
Victoria Willmott is an illustrator and printmaker with a MA in Multidisciplinary Printmaking from UWE Bristol. Her illustrations are inspired by fairy tales and folk stories from around the world, which are then imagined into present day landscapes. Narratives are constructed through playful compositions using lino cut stamps where stories unfold one stamp at a time.
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Exhibiting at: Bocobar, Paintwoks, BS4 2PP
I paint bright work of deconstructed mouse characters doing stuff in a world called Krazytown. They like driving cars, being bored whilst reading or walking down the road with their head in a cage. Mostly I work on big canvas's in acrylic, but also pen and ink on paper.
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Exhibiting at: 8 New Walls, BS59NH
Prints and paintings, using the built environment as their subject matter.
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Exhibiting at: 8 New Walls, BS4 3TA
The work is hand built porcelain. I make a range of lighting which includes wall lights, hanging shades, lamps and candle holders. This year I will have a new Fig Collection, Marbled and spiral inlayed porcelain work and also some coloured porcelain Mugs/Jugs.
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Exhibiting at: 29 Stevens Street , BS4 4DJ
Bristol based illustrator who explores birds and nature through fine line drawing and photography,
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Exhibiting at: No. 29 Stevens crescent , BS82HH
I love to paint mostly Abstract paintings using oil on canvas.
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Exhibiting at: Hillcrest School, BS247FE
Johns artwork is based on the surroundings and Bristol and his work is created with spray paint, acrylics & ink. His unique style features the urban landscapes of Bristol from graffiti covered vans & houses in Stokes Croft to well known landmarks such as the Suspension Bridge and docks. Johns style is instantly recognizable and his work has been exhibited throughout the city.
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Exhibiting at: 1 Dunmore Street, BS42BQ
Ella is an abstract print maker, specialising in screen printing. Currently studying an MA in print making, her work is a response to the immediate world around her, influenced by architecture, machinery and the urban landscape. Combining striking geometric shapes, bold colour use, and the use of found and original imagery, Ella creates work that is intricate, open, and intriguing.
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Exhibiting at: 13 Haverstock Road, BS42DA
Fascinated with the beauty and detail of nature, my prints are mainly on this subject and in particular peacocks. I work primarily with lino and etching have also experimented with drypoint and collagraph. I am always interested in learning new print techniques and constantly looking for new inspiration.
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Exhibiting at: 13 Crowndale Road, BS42DZ
This year House of Wards is excited to present work by Helen Ward and Alice Bowen. Come and see us for a colourful collection of original art pieces, knitwear, jewellery and special treats!!
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Exhibiting at: 10 Crowndale Rd, BS42DZ
I make most of my art using the old blue print photographic process (cyanotypes) and add colour using special inks. For this show I've got a new idea called BluePrint Recordings. Give me your track/s and commission me to spin you a blueprint (think Desert Island Discs).
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Exhibiting at: 9 Bushy Park, BS42EG
Come and rest in our pop-up cafe with live music, insight readings and dream interpretations.
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Exhibiting at: 5 GOOLDEN STREET, BS43BB
The watercolour, ink and oil paintings all focus on expressing the character and movement of the subject. My architectural landscape art looks to capture the energy and character of a place, working at all scales. The pet commissions work with watercolours to reflect the expression and personality of the furry friend.
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Exhibiting at: 22 Hawthorne Street, BS42JD
Bright colourful watercolours of Bristol and beyond. Pen and Ink work and a little bit of bling! Over 100 greeting card designs. Tea towels and bags too ! Commissions welcome.
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Exhibiting at: 22 Clyde Road, BS4 3DH
I am currently working on a project called "Rising Column". I will be displaying the column with the figures laid out and some clay modelled studies. You are invited to come and see how it's progressing which is currently very slowly due to full time work. I'll also have some of my other older sculptures on display for you to enjoy. Some of my young Taekwondo students will be selling cakes and drinks too.
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Exhibiting at: Hillcrest primary school, Bs3 4PJ
Cleo... Makes jewellery… sometimes from found materials, sometimes I experiment with paint and resin. At present I have been playing with wool and needle felting. oh and I love colour!! Eva of Toohoi clothing will be showing her beautiful Masami collection. Purses, Bags, Cushions made from vintage Japanese Kimono silk. Both Cleo and Eva have a permanent collection at the gift shop located at Windmill Hill City Farm
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Exhibiting at: 10 Clyde terrace, Bs4 3dq
Fresh art and photography by a new and very small artist
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Exhibiting at: Hill Crest primary school, BS79PA
Bristol based printmaker and illustrator. Making lino prints of seaside memories, candy floss and ice creams, angry seagulls, walks along the pier and sun burnt cycle rides.
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Exhibiting at: TBC, bs3 4tl
Full description of you and your work for the website(max. 420 characters) Totterdown on silk, prints and cards of originals. jellies, jams and marmalades, from locally foraged friut.Come and feed your curiosity,wth a cuppa and homemade cake and a lucky dip of Totterdown memorabilia!
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Exhibiting at: 9 summer hill, bs5 7hg
landscape, city scapes, portraits, seacsapes, marine themes
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